Tuesday, 5 January 2010

3D Technology

The 3D technology was one of the main production methods used to appeal to the audience.

Fusion 3D Technology

James Cameron co-developed The Fusion Camera System with Vince Pace in order to shoot in stereoscopic 3D

"It essentially recognises a focal length and adjusts the controls of the system provide a starting point. I believe it will allow the cinematographer to focus on creative decisions rather than the technical. It will also help minimise the number of bad 3D shots" - Vince Pace

Audience Appeal

  • "Without those polarised goggles Avatar [would be] just another cornball sci-fi fantasty about alien monsters on a faraway planet" Xan Brooks (The Guardian)
  • Increases the atmosphere and therefore helps to suspend the audience's disbelief
  • It gives the Hollywood high budget films an attraction amateur/low budget films don't have
  • Creates increased interest - the factor this film has that others don't

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