Friday, 8 January 2010

Question Summary

Here are short, summary answers to the questions. More detail can be found through the question links in the labels.

1. How was the film produced to appeal to the audience?
  • Fusion 3D Technology was used to make the film spectacular and give it something the low budget/amateur films don't have
  • The narrative was kept as a simple, classic Hollywood narrative, a tried and tested formula so audiences to focus on the spectacular special effects without losing track of the plot
  • The genre (fantasy, sci/fi, action) was chosen to appeal to huge family audiences and allow the creators to show maximum special effects as they enhance this genre

2. How has the UK theatrical distribution of the film been managed in order to ensure the film's success in the UK?

  • Distributed on multiple platforms to give it the modern, global 'brand' name it needs in the current film industry
  • Fox marketed their own brand through Avatar, by theming their own site to the narrative world of the film

3. How has the film been marketing to ensure it successfully reaches its target audience?

  • Sold the film through the success of the director, Cameron, as his films were hugely successful in the UK before, and some share similar genres therefore audiences (e.g. Terminator)
  • Star power was a major feature in the audience appeal (e.g. Sigourney Weaver)
  • Above the line, mainstream marketing was used (e.g. prime time television trailers, posters, billboards) to reflect the high budget, glossy Hollywood nature of the film, giving the film appeal the low budget films (e.g. Paranormal Activity) don't
  • Sponsored by big brands all with wide audiences (Coke, McDonalds and LG)
  • News reports on the unique, new technology to attract the films fans as well as some who want to see something different

4. Where and how is the film being exibited in the UK?

  • Global premiere in London with iconic blue carpet
  • National release into cinemas, first week 503 sites, second week 485
  • Reached number 1in the box office in its opening weekend, then went to second by Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakquel

5. Who is the target audience and how have they been targeted in the UK?

  • Masculine audience (displaying of the sci/fi action genre and the connections with technology such as LG, advertising/selling the game before the film's release)
  • Families (12A rating, trailers shown in family films such as The Simpsons Movie, McDonalds and Coke sponsors, the imaginative fantasy genre)
  • Film fans (hype about the 3D technology used, displaying the spectacle as something a low budget film can not provide)

6. How have audiences responded and reacted to the film?

  • Hype created through marketing campaign shown as huge online through, for example, Facebook and Rotton Tomatoes
  • Premiere audiences and all since are stunned and awed by the films simple yet effective plot line, realistic yet imagintive characters and special effects

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