Saturday, 2 January 2010

Poster Analysis

The posters were marketing designed to widen the audience being targeted

Posters shown on:
  • Bus stops
  • Tube stations
  • Billboards
  • Buses
  • Cinema foyers

Poster 1 (Most recent)


  • Dark, low key lighting
  • Strong blue colourscheme, broken by green eye
  • CU of right half of a young male, grisly skin with intense determined look
  • CU of left half of Na'vi male, smooth, sleek skin, bright green eye and determined expression
  • VLS of Na'vi female, crouched down, tribal clothing
  • Blue glowing text, 2/3 down the poster
  • Left-hand side background is Pandora jungle scene
  • Right-hand side background is equivalent jungle as on left but burnt and smouldering


  • Lighting gives mysterious, sombre feel and allows other features to be accentuated (e.g. the title and the eye)
  • Blue colours brand the film and the green eye draws attention to the fantastical nature
  • CU allows the expression to give maximum intensity. The grisly skin and determined expression work together to show the masculinity and action/warfare aspect to the character and film
  • Smooth skin represents the peaceful purity of the Na'vi. Showing the Na'vi character creates awareness of the fantasy/sci-fi genre
  • Showing the split between Na'vi/human juxtaposes the two races, enhancing their similarities and differences
  • Crouching shows the fighting side to her character, and the VLS keeps the focus on him
  • Title is brighter so it stands out and the style is mystical but the metallic edge maintains its strength
  • Background sets the scene as an isolated jungle, showing the action adventure genre as this is a key signifier
  • The burnt forest foreshadows the narrative of the film, and the conflict between the human and Na'vi races
  • The poster gives more information about the film's characters, setting and narrative

Poster 2 (Teaser)


  • White text ("from the director of Titanic") at top of poster
  • Blue glowing text at bottom of poster
  • BCU of half of female Na'vi, seductive, powerful expression
  • 1/3 way down green eye with thick, long black eyelashes and a slightly drooped eyelid
  • Black background, with the image blending in through low-key lighting


  • Poster sells off director James Cameron's past successes, creating hype about the film
  • Title is brighter so it stands out and the style is mystical but the metallic edge maintains its strength
  • Woman is presented as powerful, following Cameron's trend of strong female characters, appealing to female audience. However her seductive look appeals to male audiences
  • The features all work together to create an intense but still feminine expression
  • The black background prevents giving too much information away in these early stages of marketing
  • The low-key lighting creates enigma within the poster

Poster 3 (Initial design for original summer release)

Changes made from this original design:

  • Bigger focus on the sci-fi over fantasy with the universe background and the "believe it, or not"
  • James Cameron's role as director is more prominent
  • The font and style of the title is more metallic, cold and sci-fi
  • The blue colourscheme has not yet been established

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